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 Saturday Soiree

Saturday: $8,000

Make your Saturday extra special with our signature Saturday package. Ideal for those seeking a prime weekend celebration.

Festive Friday

Friday: $6,000

Start your weekend celebrations in style with our exclusive Friday package. Perfect for those looking to kick off the festivities a day early.

Weekday Wonder

Monday - Thursday

One Day: $4,000

Two Days: $6,000

Three Days: $9,000

Four Days: $12,000

Enjoy the charm of Maola at Riverside on a weekday. Ideal for intimate gatherings, celebrations, corporate parties, fundraisers, and pop-up shops.

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Weekend Bliss

Friday & Saturday: $10,000

Friday - Sunday: $12,000

Experience the ultimate weekend celebration with our Weekend Bliss packages. A seamless transition from Friday's anticipation to Sunday's joy.

Sunday Serenity

Sunday: $6,000

End your weekend with grace and elegance at The Maola at Riversidel. Our Sunday package is perfect for a leisurely and serene celebration. The Cedar Grove Sanctuary is available after 1:00pm every Sunday.

Holiday Extravaganza

Holiday Weekends:

Friday: $8,000

Saturday: $10,000

Sunday: $8,000

Friday & Saturday Package: $12,000

Friday - Sunday Package: $14,000

Elevate your holiday celebration with our Holiday Extravaganza packages. Create unforgettable memories on these special weekends.


Questions about Pricing?


Celebrate with Us

Discover the perfect package for your special day at Maola at Riverside. Our pricing is designed to provide flexibility and options to suit your unique celebration. All packages come complete with access to our curated furniture, tables, and chairs found in our:

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We understand that every event is unique, and we're here to help you create the perfect celebration. Have questions? Reach out to us at for personalized assistance.

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